"Don't you just love to see your content ranking higher? Here's what I use to research and track keywords over time."

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My Top Pick For Keyword Research: Google Autosuggest

By typing queries into Google, you can target long-tail phrases that are suggested.

Why I Recommend Google: All the keyword research tools are wrong if you’re looking at search volume and writing posts.  Instead, the best way I’ve found to do research is simply by using the autosuggest feature within Google.  This helps to find more long-tail phrases with lower competition.  It also helps to write posts around the same topic.

My Top Pick For Keyword Rank Tracking: ManageWP

I use ManageWP to track rankings automatically on a weekly basis.

Why I Recommend ManageWP: Using ManageWP, you can track up to 100 keywords for $1 per month.  The rankings for each keyword are updated weekly on Sunday.  This is a great way to see how your rankings are trending over time and allows you to focus on creating content instead of stressing of rankings.