Acabado Theme Review 2024: World’s Fastest WordPress Theme?

Picking a theme for your site can be difficult.

Or if you’re thinking about switching themes, you may be a little hesitant.

Well, I wanted to provide you this Acabado theme review in order to take a closer look at whether or not you should buy it.

We’ll take a look at:

  • What is the Acabado Theme?
  • Who is it for?
  • Is it really as fast as they say it is?
  • How much can you customize with the Acabado Theme?
  • Is it excellent at converting traffic into sales?

Time to get started!

Acabado Theme Review - Fastest WordPress Theme
Product Rating: 4.5/5
Acabado Theme Review TL;DR:
The Acabado Theme is a lightning-fast theme that’s SEO optimized out of the box.  Acabado was built for niche sites and consistently receives scores on Google Pagespeed Insights near 100.  If you’re looking to start a new niche site or upgrade your theme, then the Acabado Theme is a perfect choice.

What Is The Acabado Theme?

The Acabado Theme is a WordPress Theme originally created by Jim and Ricky over at Income School.  Their main goal of the Acabado Theme was to try and create a theme that could be used right out of the box for their Project 24 students with lightning-fast load times and SEO built-in.

Was it a success?

Well, just give the video above a watch.  

Jim and Ricky explain how they were able to get Google Pagespeed Insights scores near or at 100 almost every single time.

This makes for a lightning fast load time and an amazing user experience.  In addition, you’ll get a lower bounce rate and likely a higher time on page because of it overall.

Who Is The Acabado Theme For?

The Acabado Theme is mainly for people who are looking to start a niche site and get it up and running as quick as possible.

It’s geared toward those looking to create content on a site that is well-optimized for SEO without the need for additional WordPress plugins that are bound to slow down your site dramatically.

Instead of wasting time on trying to make your site look nice with tons of customizations, you can get right to the income producing task of creating content.

Note that if you are thinking about getting the Acabado Theme, then I’d strongly suggest you take a look at Income School’s Project 24 course before doing so since you’ll get the Acabado theme for free when you sign up.

The Acabado Theme is not really a theme I’d recommend if you’re looking to build out an authority site with tons of customization abilities.

If you want to freely customize every aspect of your site, then I’d recommend going with Elementor Pro and either using the free Hello Theme that Elementor provides or using the Astra Pro theme (what I currently use on this site).

Is The Acabado Theme Really As Fast As They Say It Is?

I decided to put 4 different Acabado WordPress Theme sites to the test and run Google Pagespeed Insights and GTMetrix for each one for the homepage.

Here’s the results.

Embora Pets

Hosting: WPX HostingEmbora Pets Pagespeed Insights

Embora Pets GT

Outdoor Troop

Hosting: WPX HostingOutdoor Troop Pagespeed Insights

Outdoor Troop GT

Camper Report

Hosting: CloudflareCamper Report Pagespeed Insights

Camper Report GT

Best Roof Box

Hosting: SiteGroundBest Roof Box Pagespeed Insights

Best Roof Box GT

How Much Can You Customize With The Acabado Theme?

With the Acabado theme, you can make different adjustments to the layout of the homepage and minor adjustments to the posts.

However, on the Embora Pets and Outdoor Troop sites I noticed that there’s a huge logo and awkward search bar to the right floating in space.

I like the style better that Best Roof Box chose for their header with the logo being much smaller and the search bar being in the menu area.  This is the style I’d recommend you model if you’re going to be getting the Acabado theme.

People will be more likely to read your content, since the actual text of each blog post will be above the fold instead of the header, title, and feature image taking up all the space upon page load.

All in all, there isn’t a huge amount of customization for the Acabado Theme but at the same time you don’t really need it when you simply need to create content for a niche site.

If you want to freely customize every aspect of your site, then I’d recommend going with Elementor Pro and either using the free Hello Theme that Elementor provides or using the Astra Pro theme (what I currently use on this site).

Is The Acabado Theme Excellent At Converting Traffic Into Sales?

There’s no doubt in my mind that Embora Pets and Camper Report have raked in the traffic over time and have gotten over $100,000 in sales.

It goes to show that content truly is king and focusing your time on the minutiae details of your site theme will only prove more costly in the end for a niche site.

Here’s a quick look at the traffic to Camper Report to get an idea of why this is so important.Camper Report Traffic Stats

Now that’s a monster site if I ever saw one!  It’s bringing in over 230,000 visitors per month according to Ubersuggest

Acabado Theme Review Conclusion

So, now it’s time for the final question.

If you’re starting a niche site or switching themes for your niche site, should you get the Acabado Theme?

The answer is yes.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to have unlimited customization capabilities to create an authoritative website then I’d recommend using Elementor Pro (what I currently use for my site).

I hope this gave you clarity on what WordPress Theme to choose for your site.

I want to hear from you in the comments: Did you get the Acabado Theme or are you going with Elementor Pro for more customization?

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