"I've spent thousands of dollars on online courses... Here are the ones that I recommend for every beginner."

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My Top Pick For Marketing Courses: Legendary Marketer

This course is a 15-day challenge where you learn the foundational principles of marketing.

Why I Recommend Legendary Marketer: The 15 day challenge is an amazing training on the foundational principles of digital marketing.  

You get a business plan advisor during the challenge to help you build your business plan so that you can have a path forward on what you want to do by the end of the challenge.

My Top Pick For SEO, Blogging, & YouTube Courses: Project 24

The most affordable all-in-one course on SEO, blogging, and YouTube.

Why I Recommend Project 24: If you told me you could only purchase one course, I’d tell you to save up FAST and buy Project 24!  

Out of all the courses I’ve taken having spent thousands of dollars, I can without a doubt say that Project 24 is the best course to help you master SEO, blogging, and YouTube.  

Essentially, you’ll learn step-by-step with how to build a brand that can be found organically on the internet.  The goal at the end of 24 months is to have built an online business generating a full-time income.  

Project 24 also has a community of online entrepreneurs, a podcast for members only, and you get the Acabado Theme completely free when you sign up!  Project 24 has my highest recommendation! 🙂👍