Best ClickMagick Bonus Offer [Worth $19,669+]

Interest in ClickMagick bonuses?  

ClickMagick is hands-down a tool that every entrepreneur and marketer needs in their toolkit.  

There\’s no better link tracking software out there trusted by so many to provide viable and accurate tracking stats. 

That’s why I’m about to unload the Best ClickMagick Bonus Offer on the internet:

Let’s dive right in! 🙂

David Sandy | David Sandy Official

Hey there, my name is David Sandy.  First of all, let me say that I genuinely want you to succeed with your online business and properly track your links.

I can tell you as a long-time avid user of ClickMagick that you’ll get accurate statistical data to run profitable sales funnels based on accurate real-time link tracking data.  My hope is that these bonuses will help enhance and fast-track your journey for link tracking success and financial freedom as you build super-optimized sales funnels and websites.

Now, here’s what you’re going to get from me when you purchase ClickMagick at the end of this post…

Note that I’ve decided to put the true value for each bonus of what they could be or are currently being sold for.

Best ClickMagick Bonus #1: UNLIMITED Email & Chat Support (PRICELESS)

David Sandy Official

For the next 30 days, I’m going to give you unlimited email and chat support.  We’re talking whatever issues you may have, questions that arise, and most importantly getting clarity on how you should run specific areas of your business with link tracking.

I personally use ClickMagick for every single one of my links.  It’s a super awesome way to get daily stats on how many people are clicking on certain links and also determine EXACTLY where a purchase came from. 

Now, it’s time to jump on into the next bonus!

ClickMagick Bonus #2: Group Convert ($197)

Group Convert is a Google Chrome Extension. I’ll be giving to you to capture your Facebook group leads with just one-click!

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 2: Group Convert Bonus Box - ClickFunnels Bonuses

As a matter of fact, I personally use Group Convert to capture emails from every one that joins my Facebook group.  

Likewise, as an affiliate marketer this is invaluable for following up with a highly targeted group of people.

They’ll be more likely to buy from you because they know, like, and trust you.

Now, go ahead and watch the short video below. 

It will give you a better idea of the amazing power that Group Convert has to maximize lead generation.

You’ll be getting the Silver Plan account to manage up to 3 FB groups which would normally be $197.  

To sum up, this bonus is another priceless bonus.


ClickMagick Bonus #3: The Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights ($25 Value)

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 5: Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs - ClickFunnels Bonuses

As the largest of its kind, this ultimate resource outlines over 130 lifetime recurring affiliate programs.

In addition, with the rights to this document you can feel free to offer this as your own bonus or add links back to your own site.

ClickMagick Bonus #4: Black Book Of My TOP Preferred Solo Ad Vendors + White Label Rights ($25 Value)

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 6: Black book of top solo ad vendors - ClickFunnels Bonuses

Know EXACTLY where you need to go to get the best targeted traffic to your sales funnels.

Most importantly, you’ll be getting traffic straight from my TOP solo ad vendors.

Plus, you get the rights as well to do with as you choose.

ClickMagick Bonus #5: ClickMagick Quick-Start Guide + White Label Rights ($25 Value)

OFA Challenge Bonus 7: ClickMagick Quick-Start Guide Bonus Box - ClickFunnels Bonuses

When I got my first commission online, I didn’t track my links.

Needless to say, I had no idea where my sale came from…😥

Consequently, I now use ClickMagick to not only track the source but also my profit margins!

This guide will help you easily learn how to reliably track your links with ClickMagick.

How To Get ALL My ClickMagick Bonuses:

In order to get all of my ClickMagick bonuses listed on this page, you need to purchase the ClickMagick 14-Day Free Trial using THIS LINK.

[NOTE: Before using the link above to purchase, please reopen this page in incognito mode and use the link above to make the purchase.  This ensures the payment is received and I can promptly get you the bonuses.]

Once you’ve done that, shoot me an email here and I’ll verify the purchase based upon the email you used to sign up with and get you your bonuses.

ClickMagick Frequently Asked Questions

Clickmagick is an online marketing platform that allows you to track and optimize all of your marketing efforts.

The cheapest ClickMagick plan is $247 per year.  With this plan, you’ll get 10,000 clicks per month.

It’s critical that you track your links so that you know where a purchase was made and can optimize that source for higher conversions.  In the process, you’ll be attracting more customers and getting more sales.

ClickMagick Bonus Offer Final Thoughts

That’s all I’ve got for ClickMagick bonuses.

If you want, you can check out the complete list of my favorite marketing tools here and also head over to my product reviews page!

Now it’s your turn, feel free to give this post a share on your favorite social media platform!

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