Blog Progress Update #3: 75 Posts In [Lessons, Analytics, & Future Goals]

Whew!  Got ’em done!  

These past 25 blog posts since the last update took a little longer than previously due to a new software I had developed.  I’ll talk more on this further on down the post.

I finally finished writing 75 blog posts now and am almost 10 months in since publishing my first blog post ever.

If you didn’t catch the first couple updates I did, then you can find them here:

Here’s what I’ll be covering in this update:

  • New Software!
  • Lessons Learned After Writing 75 Blog Posts
  • Blog Analytics
  • Future Plans

Let’s get started! 😀

New Software: DSLinker – Free Link Tracker

The main reason why it took a little longer to get these last 25 blog posts out was because I got a new software developed!

The new software is DLinker and is a free link tracker and URL shortener with tons of additional features such as tracking dynamic subids for affiliate links.

I was able to purchase the base code of the software, host it on a server, and then hire a developer to fix all the bugs and add in additional features.

Go here to create a free account and try it out.  My main goal with the software is for lead generation and to attract more backlinks to my site over time. 

Lessons Learned After ~10 Months & 75 Posts

There’s a few lessons that I learned along the way having written 75 blog posts now.  Let’s take a look at what they are.

1. Blog Post Length Doesn’t Matter (Look At Competition)

One of the things that I’ve always tried to do with all of my blog posts is keep them over 1,000 words.

Note that my current average length for all my blog posts is right around 1,500 words.  The reasoning behind this was that the average blog post ranking #1 in Google is over 1,500 words and are almost always over 1,000 words.

Well, it turns out I had decided for a few of my blog posts to be under 1,000 words and one of those posts ended up ranking number one for the head term and multiple long-tail keywords.  The word count I wrote was based on the competition of the top 10 results.

This has resulted in it being one of my top performing posts bringing me traffic daily to my site.

Not only does this mean that word count isn’t hugely important, but it also means that doing keyword research ahead of time can help you to find keywords that you can easily rank for to get quick wins.

2. Having A List Of Upcoming Blog Post Titles Helps With Consistency But Slightly Overwhelming 

One of the things I did a few months back was create a list of my first 100 blog posts that I wanted to write and made it my mission to write every single one myself.

Most importantly, this helps to learn SEO by doing and testing out different strategies.

It also helped to quickly start writing a new blog post whenever I was done with the last one without having to start the keyword research process all over again.

So, there’s definitely a good amount of benefits to having a list of blog post titles that you want written.

However, if you’re not careful it can start to get a little overwhelming when you’re trying write all the posts yourself, which was definitely something that I had to fight head on.

Blog Analytics

1. Google Analytics

Now, it’s time for the good stuff.  Here’s a quick look at my current Google Analytics dashboard.  The results are shown are for the last 3 months (Jan. 18, 2020 – Apr. 18, 2020).

2. Google Search Console Data

Here’s what my Google Search Console data looks like.  The results are shown are for the last 3 months (Jan. 18, 2019 – Apr. 18, 2020).

What gets me most excited about the Google Search Console data is that just a few days ago is when I had my first day with 100 clicks to my site from Google. 😀🙌

My CTR has been rising the past few days and my average position has been decreasing too.

I published around 15 posts in just the last 20 days or so, which is likely why there’s a higher number of impressions around the March 30th timeframe when Google was trying to figure out where to place my posts initially.

Future Plans & Goals

Here’s a brief look at what my plans are going forward:

  • Continue using the HARO backlink strategy
  • Write more informational posts on long-tail keywords

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the tools I recommend and use for my own business and also my step-by-step guide on how to start a blog.  

I hope you enjoyed this update and don’t forget to leave a comment below!😀

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