Best Plugin To Generate Leads From A Blog

The struggle is real to find a plugin to collect leads for your blog for lead generation.  Does this sound familiar:

Where can I find a plugin to capture leads that doesn’t cost a fortune?  What about one that has a one-time fee instead of monthly? Are there any free lead generation plugins?

We’re going to explore three different ways that I use to collect leads from my blog that are commonly used by thousands of entrepreneurs and online business owners.   

Let’s dive right in! 😃

Using Thrive Leads Plugin To Generate Leads

What I currently use on my blog to collect leads is Thrive Leads.

I’ve been using Thrive Leads, since I started my blog and it’s worked amazingly to gets stats and do split testing among other things.  That’s why I consider it to be the best plugin to collect leads from a blog.

Most importantly, a lot of plugins charge a monthly fee to be able to collect leads such as MonsterInsights.  Some even make you pay even more money per month just to be able to use all of the different types of optin forms available on your site.


The good news is that Thrive Leads offers 10 different optin forms all for a one-time fee of just $67.  

Thrive Leads Plugin Optin Forms

Let’s take a look at the 10 optin forms available with Thrive Leads and a few of the other cool things that Thrive Leads offers. 

Here’s a list of each of the 10 optin forms:

  • ThriveBox
  • Sticky Ribbon
  • In-Line Forms
  • Slide-In
  • Opt-In Widget
  • Screen Filler Overlay
  • Content Lock
  • Scroll Mat
  • Yes/No & Multiple Choice Forms

ThriveBox Optin Form

A ThriveBox optin form is essentially a lightbox popup that’s triggered when a visitor interacts with a specific element on a page.


There’s three main ways you can trigger a ThriveBox for lead generation:

  1. Text Link
  2. Button Trigger
  3. Image Trigger

Sticky Ribbon Optin Form

A sticky ribbon is what could be considered a hello bar. 

It’s a ribbon popup at the top of the page and remains sticky as the user scrolls down the page.


In-Line Optin Form

In-line optin forms are great for when you want to have a way for a visitor to optin anywhere within the content of a page.

Thrive Leads In-Line Optin Form

This popup is great for being placed at the top of a page.  You can also choose to place it a certain percentage of the way down the page.

Slide-In Optin Form

Slide-In optin forms are really just what they sound like.

Slide-In Optin Form

They are a type of popup that can slide into view of the screen in the corner.

Opt-In Widget

The opt-in widget is a customizable optin form that is typically placed on the sidebar of a post.

Optin Widget

This optin form can be placed anywhere though on your site that allows for widgets.

Screen Filler Overlay

This one’s pretty interesting.

This is a type of popup that fills up the whole screen for the user to optin.

Screen Filler Overlay Popup

Consequently, it’s likely to have the highest conversion rate of all the optin forms since it fills the whole screen.

However, use it sparingly because you don’t want to be showing it every single time a visitor visits a new page on your site.  That directly affects the end user experience and could in turn potentially impact your site’s SEO.

Instead, I’d recommend using it to be triggered upon exit intent.  In this way, the popup will fill the whole screen and won’t really impact experience on your site since they were going to leave anyways.

Content Lock Optin Form

This optin form is honestly pretty sweet because it allows you to create a post and lock its content until a visitor opts in.


I have yet to use this optin form but plan to in the near future.

The best type of post with this would be one with a really catchy title that would make the user want to optin to view the content. 

In addition, you’ll want to make sure that the content inside the post is jam-packed with value.

Scroll Mat Optin Form

The scroll mat optin form is similar to the screen filler optin in that it fills the whole screen.

The difference here is that it pushes down the content when triggered.

This type of popup would likely be most useful when someone visits your post and the form is triggered upon page load.

Yes/No & Multiple Choice Optin Form

It’s a proven fact that yes/no and multiple choice optin form convert well. 

By asking a simple question, you’re more likely to get targeted subscribers that are more interested in what you have to send to them.

Thrive Leads Quick Thoughts

A few things that I like about Thrive Leads in addition to having just about every optin form imaginable is that you also have a dashboard on the backend to view optin statistics.

Not only that, but Thrive Leads allows you to run A/B split tests for individual optin forms on your site to compare forms and increase your conversions! 😀

Plus, almost forgot to mention the fact that Thrive Leads easily integrates with your favorite autoresponder such as ActiveCampaign for automated email followup fun.

If you want more info, check out my complete Thrive Leads review.

Using Elementor Pro To Generate Leads

Elementor Pro is another awesome way to implement lead generation optin forms on your site.


The great thing about Elementor Pro is that it not only helps with lead generation but is actually what I use to build out my entire site since it’s a page builder.

The optin forms are an added bonus that actually work quite well.

It integrates with a smaller list of email autoresponders due to it being a page builder first and foremost but does allow you to automatically follow up with emails upon optin.

The other thing is that it doesn’t have stats or split testing, since it’s simply a plugin within side the Elementor Pro page builder.

However, it gets the job done and I’d recommend getting Elementor Pro to build your site either way.  It’s just a matter of determining whether or not you would want to have stats.

Using ClickFunnels To Generate Leads

ClickFunnels is primarily a sales funnel builder at heart.

I can’t recommend it enough for building out funnels of all kinds but what most people don’t realize is that it integrates with your  WordPress site as well.


All you have to do is sign up for ClickFunnels (get my ClickFunnels bonuses while you’re at it 😀) and then install the ClickFunnels WordPress plugin.


What I find interesting is that you can actually embed any funnel you want that you created inside ClickFunnels directly on your site with shortcode.

Now, from what I’ve found of doing this though is that the page tends to load a little bit slower.  Although, it’s unlikely to degrade a visitor’s experience on your site.

By using ClickFunnels for lead generation on your WordPress site, you’ve got just one more way you can interact with a visitor to convert them to a lead.

Best Plugin For Lead Generation Closing Thoughts

Here’s what I recommend depending upon what your current situation is:

  1. You are looking to build a new site…  If this is you, then I’d recommend going with Elementor Pro to collect leads and build optin forms for your blog.  This allows you to take advantage of not only have the be page builder out there but also have the ability to add optin forms without any additional cost.
  2. You have ClickFunnels already or want to build sales funnels for your business…  If this is you, then I’d definitely recommend using ClickFunnels for your WordPress lead generation needs.  It does the job with embedded shortcode on your site and you’ll be able to use any optin form you create in ClickFunnels directly on your WordPress site.
  3. You want to get the detailed stats and have maximum customization… If this is you, then you’ll want to go with Thrive Leads for lead generation and optin forms.  It’s my top recommendation if you’re not already using ClickFunnels or Elementor Pro.  With 10 optin forms, split testing, and stats you simply can’t go wrong with it.  Not to mention it’s a just a one-time fee and integrates with tons of email autoresponders.

Leave me a comment below with what lead generation plugin you’ve decided to use for your WordPress site.  

Don’t forget to give this post a share as well if you liked it! 

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