How Much Does Elementor Pro Cost? [FIND OUT PRICING 2024]

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  • Pricing plans available for Elementor
  • Is there an Elementor Pro lifetime plan?
  • Can you get an Elementor Pro discount?
  • Elementor Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Does Elementor Pro Cost

Elementor Pro Pricing: How Much Does Elementor Pro Cost?

Elementor Pro has three different pricing plans to choose from.  Elementor Pro costs $49/year for the Personal plan, $99 per year for the Plus plan, and $199 per year for the Expert plan.Elementor Pro Pricing: How much does Elementor Pro Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of what you get with each of the three Elementor Pro pricing plans:

  • Elementor Personal Plan – Costs $49 per year
    • 1 Site
    • 50+ Pro Widgets
    • 300+ Pro Templates
    • Theme Builder
    • WooCommerce Builder
    • Popup Builder
    • Support for 1 Year
    • Updates for 1 Year
  • Elementor Plus Plan – Costs $99 per year
    • 3 Sites
    • 50+ Pro Widgets
    • 300+ Pro Templates
    • Theme Builder
    • WooCommerce Builder
    • Popup Builder
    • Support for 1 Year
    • Updates for 1 Year
  • Elementor Expert Plan – Costs $199 per year
    • 1,000 Sites
    • 50+ Pro Widgets
    • 300+ Pro Templates
    • Theme Builder
    • WooCommerce Builder
    • Popup Builder
    • Support for 1 Year
    • Updates for 1 Year

Is Elementor Pro Free?

No, Elementor Pro is not free.  There’s no possible way to get it legally for free.

I recommend at least trying the software out for free to see if you like it first.  Then you can feel confident in your purchasing decision and know that you’re buying an excellent WordPress page builder.

Should I Get Elementor Pro?

I’ve been using Elementor Pro for nearly a year to build out my site and it has been extremely easy to learn and use over time.

What’s nice about Elementor Pro is that it is continuously updated with new features such as popups and an editor where you can edit the header, footer, and blog post content all in one place.  There’s no need to switch back and forth between the theme editor you’re using and making it work with Elementor.

You can easily use a simple theme like Hello Elementor for free and then still customize absolutely everything with Elementor Pro.

My favorite part about Elementor Pro would have to be the Theme Builder.  I like the fact that you can customize the header and footer, create different sidebars for each posts, and design different templates to use across your entire site.

Once you’ve made a template in the Theme Builder, you can then simply make any updates in the future in one place later on if you want and it will apply to everywhere on your site that you placed a template.

What Do You Get With Elementor Pro?

With Elementor Pro you get over 50 additional widgets, entire website design templates pre-made, and an entire popup builder ready to use and integrate with your favorite email autoresponder.

If you don’t have an email autoresponder yet, then I highly recommend checking out ActiveCampaign for email marketing and automation to connect with Elementor Pro.

I’ve found it to be the best email autoresponder out there, and I’ve been using it for over a year after switching away from GetResponse and AWeber due to their lack of functionality.

You can check out my ActiveCampaign review for my info on it if your’e interested.

What Is The Difference Between Elementor And Elementor Pro?

The differences between Elementor and Elementor Pro are that Elementor Pro has:

  • 50+ additional widgets to use
  • 300+ Pro templates that you can use as pre-made website designs
  • Theme Builder to create custom reusable templates and widgets for your site and also customize the header and footer
  • WooCommerce Builder for Ecommerce sites
  • Popup Builder to add popups to your site that are fully customizable and can be integrated directly with your favorite email autoresponder
  • Support for Elementor Pro for 1 year
  • Updates for Elementor Pro for 1 year

Is There An Elementor Pro Lifetime Plan?

There is no Elementor Pro lifetime plan that can be purchased.

The Elementor Pro Personal plan though is extremely affordable at just $49 for an entire year.  Once you’ve played around and have used Elementor Pro for a month or so, you’ll see why it’s such a good deal.

Plus, Elementor Pro gets tons of worthwhile updates over time and continuously gets better and better.

Is There An Elementor Pro Discount I Can Get?

There is no Elementor Pro discount that you can use to purchase the WordPress page builder.

However, Elementor at times does have deals for different holidays or other special occasions.  I would recommend investing in Elementor Pro now though to get started building out the website for your business more effectively.

Ultimately, getting Elementor Pro now will help you long-term to save time from having to switch WordPress page builders down the road if you’re thinking about possibly getting a different one instead.

Final Thoughts

I use Elementor Pro to build out my own website and write all my blog posts with.

I’ve found it to be a very low cost page builder that has tons of features to use that make it well worth your while to invest in it for your business.

The ability to add popups without purchasing a third party plugin is a great feature and being able to customize your entire website is something that is really useful to have to design your website and build your brand to its full potential.

Get started with Elementor Pro here.

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