How To Track Affiliate Links For Free [Across All Devices & Websites]

Do you want to find out how to track affiliate links for free across all devices and websites?

I remember trying to figure out how to track my affiliate links and how hard it was to put everything together when starting my online business.

Trying to add link tracking as another piece of the puzzle just seemed overwhelming, unnecessary, and way too expensive!

So, I created my own tool called DSLinker built specifically for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

By the end of this post you should have everything setup and ready to go to start tracking your affiliate links!

Let’s get started.

How To Track Affiliate Links For Free Across All Devices

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown of how to get started tracking affiliate links for free.

Step 1: Create Your Free DSLinker Account

The first step is to create your free DSLinker account.  Go here to get your free access link.

Once you’ve received the email with the link, create an account.

Note that it may take up to 5 minutes to receive the email with your free access link to start creating affiliate links.

Step 2: Go To Links Tab And Create Affiliate Tracking Link

The next step is to head over to the Links tab within the DSLinker software once you’ve created your account and have signed in.Links Tab Inside DSLinker Free Affiliate Link Tracking Software

Click on ‘create’ to make a new track link.

From there, you can click on “Advanced Options” and choose from several different settings.

Creating A New Affiliate Tracking Link

There’s 3 main types of affiliate tracking links you can create for free:

  • Direct Tracking Link – Redirects user to the long URL instantly
  • Frame Tracking Link – Shows the redirected page inside an iframe with the DSLinker navigation bar
  • Splash Tracking Link – Shows a splash page with optional ads and then redirects the user to the URL after a delay

Step 3: Enter In A Custom Tracking Link ID For Your Affiliate Link

The custom link ID is where you can enter in a custom URL slug between 4-20 characters for your tacking link that will then redirect to your affiliate link or any other long URL that you specify.

Step 4: Set An Expiration Date And Time For The Tracking Link

You can set an expiration date and time if needed for when the tracking link will be disabled and no longer redirect.  By default, this is left blank so the links you create will never expire.

Step 5: Set A Password If Desired

Next, you can also set a password for the tracking link if you want it to be secure and only accessible by certain users.

Step 6: Select The Domain For The Short Affiliate Tracking Link

After that, you can select the domain you want the short affiliate tracking link to be accessible on.  By default, the domain is set to be for the domain if left blank.

Step 7: Assign A Title, Tags, & Description For The Free Tracking Link

You can also assign a title, tags, and description to organize the free tracking links that you’ve created for you affiliate links.

Step 8: Target Specific Locations & Devices If Desired

Finally, you have the option to only target specific locations and devices to redirect to different URLs with the same tracking link.

Step 9: Confirm The Free Tracking Link For Your Affiliate Link

Once you’ve figured out the settings, click ‘Confirm’ and your tracking link will be created!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tracking Affiliate Links

Great question!  I’ve actually got a whole page dedicated to how to track your affiliate links in Google Analytics and you can also get my Google Analytics custom dashboard. 🙂

The best way to manage affiliate links is with a link tracking software or tool.  I created a free link tracking software that you can use to track your affiliate links for free.  

The only time affiliate links expire is when a company discontinues a product and your affiliate link no longer directs to the proper page.  If you’re using a link tracking software, then make sure that your tracking links don’t expire.  Check out DSLinker to track your affiliate links and make sure they never expire.

Final Thoughts On How To Track Affiliate Links

Hopefully, you grabbed your free DSLinker account and got your first free tracking link created for your affiliate link.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions in the comments below! 😉🙂

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