The Copywriters Playbook [STELLAR Copywriting Course]

I don’t know about you but copywriting was always one of those things that I’ve brushed aside since starting an online business.


Well, I always viewed the skill of copywriting as a “foreign language” and only the natural born writers of the world could master it.

The good news?

Copywriting CAN be learned AND mastered when you’ve got the right formulas and playbook to practice and fine tune your skills with.

The end result of learning copywriting?

A potential lifetime of increased sales and impact as you’re able to reach more people and transform more lives, while conveying the message for your product in a way it so desperately needs to be delivered. 

Product Rating: 5/5
Too Long… Didn’t Read:
The Copywriters Playbook is an entire copywriting course of video training plus copywriting ebook filled with the exact formulas you need to be using to learn copywriting as a high income skill.  Not only that, but there’s tons of bonuses you can snatch up for yourself inside as well.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing words and sales letters for marketing.  The copy can be used in paid advertising, social media, or anywhere else to increase sales and persuade someone to take action.

I like to think of it in many ways as the glue that binds and holds your business together.  Without it, your business won’t stay together and stand up against others who can convert better.

In the same manner, copywriting allows you to convey your message to more people.  How?  Well, the better your message is at encouraging others to get your product or service, then the more you’re able to continue to grow as a business.

What’s Inside The Copywriters Playbook? [Copywriting Ebook & Video Training Course]

The Copywriters Playbook is an entire course by Legendary Marketer with several hours of video training and in-depth ebook pdf guides.

After going through the entire copywriting course and ebook, I found it to be an amazing value-packed course that immensely over-delivered in a big way.

Now, it’s time to take a look inside.The Copywriters Playbook [Copywriting ebook download]

Here’s what’s inside the Copywriters Playbook video training course & ebook:

  1. Welcome To The Playbook: This is an intro to the course from David Sharpe, where he gives an epic intro to copywriting and that anyone can do it.
  2. The 6 Steps To Irresistible Storytelling: Story telling draws emotion from the reader and allows someone to connect with you to build the KTL (Know, Like, and Trust) factor for your business.  The 6 steps are 🔥 and is definitely worth the investment alone for the copywriting course.
  3. Getting Perfect Clarity On Your Offer: It’s time to get clarity on your offer. Why? Once you know what your offer is, you can write stellar copy that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.
  4. Four Crucial Offer Components: Every offer needs these 4 components to work flawlessly.  This is the formula you need to help you literally connect with more people, get more engagement on social media, and decrease your ad costs.
  5. Amateur Mistakes & Pitfalls: This one’s a nice list of everything you should avoid doing…
  6. Bringing YOU Into Copy: Every good copywriter has their own voice in their copy.  You should too.
  7. The PMES Copywriting Formula: PMES (Problem, Massage, Empathy, Solution) is a nifty little formula that can increase your conversion rate for ads and sales pages.
  8. Turn Your Feelz Into Copy: Do you know the difference between a feature and a benefit?  You’ll find out in this module and learn why focusing on benefits is the way to go.
  9. The 5 Secret Value Triggers: The 5 things that every human wants more than money.
  10. 18 Reasons People Purchase: You can use these 18 things as underlying benefits woven throughout your copy.
  11. Sowing ‘Copy Seeds’ To Reap More Sales: Copy seeds are the little things you do such as writing a thank you email to your email list or doing a giveaway to increase the trust with your audience.  There’s tons of other copy seed ideas that are all laid out in this video module as well.
  12. Bonus Case Study Videos: The videos are actual teardowns of ads.

In addition to all the video training modules as part of the copywriting course, you’ll also get the Copywriters Ebook PDF Guide.  The Copywriting ebook is 43 pages long and essentially acts as the cliffnotes for the video training along with a place to take notes.

Lastly, you also get 4 more bonuses just for purchasing the Copywriters Playbook:

  • Bonus 1: Dave’s Private Cliffsnotes
  • Bonus 2: The 20-Minute Client Formula
  • Bonus 3: 250 Email Headline Swipe
  • Bonus 4: $250m Templates Swipe

You can grab the Copywriters Playbook here if you’re ready.

3 Key Takeaways From The Copywriting Ebook & Course: The Copywriters Playbook

There were a lot of eye-opening strategies and tips for writing copy that I absolutely loved from the copywriting course.  Here’s three of the key takeaways I had:

  1. Storyselling Is Mandatory: The best way to sell something is by telling a story.  In particular, a story that you personally went through.  This allows you to connect with the reader, build a relationship that’s deeply rooted in trust, and ultimately make an impact by selling more of your product or as an affiliate.
  2. Money Is A Surface-Level Desire: It’s true.  A lot of us want more money, which is why we turn to creating an online business.  But… is that really what we want?  In essence, there’s 5 things that hold more weight in terms of value and getting your potential customer to actually purchase something. 
  3. Copy Seeds Truly Are Like Planting Seeds In The Ground: Copy seeds are those little things that you do for your audience for a small favor in return.  A lot of times this can be a giveaway that you run in your Facebook group or to your email list that tells them to go subscribe or follow you and in exchange be entered to get a free book.

How To Get Started With Copywriting

In order to get started with copywriting, I highly recommend getting the Copywriters Playbook (big surprise… I know).  

Seriously though, it’s a copywriting course and ebook that truly over-delivers on the value and will help you to finally start making more sales and growing your business to new heights.  

It’s a training that makes copywriting easy to understand and grasp, while allowing you to implement what you’ve learned in the process.

Where Can Copywriting Be Used? [Copywriting Examples]

If you’re running an online business, then it can actually be used in your ads, social media posts, blog posts, sales funnels, and tons more.

Basically, anywhere that you’re conveying a message through written word or even through video is a place that the strategies and principles of copywriting can be used.

Copywriting is a high income skill for a reason because once you master it, you will have unlocked the secrets to generating sales all over the internet and running ads that are ACTUALLY PROFITABLE! 😅

Copywriting Frequently Asked Questions

A copywriter conveys a brand or company’s message that draws a reader in and converts them into a paying customer.

In order to be a copywriter, you need to know how to read and write on a very basic level.  You don’t need to be an amazing writer however.  Simply following the proven formulas for writing copy and you’ll be all set to increase conversions.

The best copywriting course is the Copywriters Playbook by Legendary Marketer.

The best and fastest way to learn copywriting is by taking a course on it.  The Copywriters Playbook is the copywriting course I recommend with tons of video training and ebook guides.

Final Thoughts On Copywriting & The Copywriters Playbook

Copywriting is in many ways a foundational skill to being successful online.

I found the Copywriters playbook to be a masterful copywriting course that walks you step-by-step through writing copy that sells.

You can grab it below.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some value from it.  This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase.

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