7 Best Digital Marketing Blogs To Model For Success

In this post I’m going to reveal the 7 best digital marketing blogs you should be reading.

If you’re looking to create a blog of your own, then this is a great way to get some awesome ideas.

Let’s dive right in!🙂 

Blog #1: Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Alexa Rank #3,876

Neil Patel is recognized as one of the top digital marketing consultants.

His blog has thousands of posts on all things digital marketing.  

Neil has been featured on Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine to name a few.  He is also is a New York Times best-selling author.

I’ve read tons of his blog posts which always have great information that focus majorly on how to get traffic to your site with SEO.

More importantly, I’ve studied his posts in terms of how they are laid out and optimized for SEO.  I’ve used specific patterns I’ve seen to experiment with my own site and see how my rankings might be affected.

I’ve had great success modeling Neil Patel’s site and I highly recommend doing the same as well no matter the niche you’re in.  

The two biggest things I’ve personally implemented on my site in relation to what I learned were:

  1. FAQ Schema
  2. Push Notifications.  

I just recently started adding FAQ schema to several posts and have had some good results so far.  

Here are the steps to create FAQ schema for a post:

  1. Go here to generate the FAQ Schema code.
  2. Download this Schema WordPress Plugin to paste the code into the post of your choice.
  3. You’ll need to have the questions appear in your post and be an exact match.
  4. Once you’ve updated things, just head over to Search Console and re-index.

You should see the FAQ schema appear within 5-20 minutes. 😀

For push notifications, I recommend going with PushEngage.

Blog #2: Backlinko


Alexa Rank #44,411

Backlinko is a unique site when you compare it with Neil Patel’s blog.

The main thing that stands out is that Backlinko has just over 100 posts total on the blog and yet the site rakes in millions of visitors every single month.  How is this possible?

Brian Dean (founder of Backlinko) focuses on creating SUPER in-depth posts that average easily over 10,000 words with custom graphics and unique statistics.

brian dean

By focusing on high quality content, Brian gets a ton of social shares and more importantly gets a massive amount of high authority do-follow backlinks.

Brian has stated that he writes approximately 30,000 words per month for his blog, which for him would be 2-3 posts.

He focuses 20% of his time on content creation and the other 80% on content promotion for his blog.  This formula has grown his blog to amazing heights in just a few short years and he’s easily making well over seven figures.

Here are my top picks from Backlinko that are must-read posts:

Blog #3: Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

Alexa Rank #44,813

Matthew Woodward’s blog is similar to Neil Patel’s blog but has its own unique spin.

He’s been featured in Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more.  Matthew’s SEO strategies work wonders for your blog if you implement them.

The three main categories Matthew focuses on for his blog are:

  • SEO 
  • Bloogging
  •  Work Online (Make Money Online or Work From Home)
The top posts I recommend you take a look at are:

Blog #4: Ahrefs


Alexa Rank #4,879

Ahrefs primarily sells their SEO suite of tools which I highly recommend using once you start to get a substantial income from your site.

They also have an awesome blog with valuable SEO tips and tricks.

Everything from backlinks to XML sitemaps, Ahrefs has an extensive amount of posts that are should to provide you with tons of great info and get your site ranking higher in the search engines.

Here are my top recommended posts from Ahrefs:

Blog #5: Income School

Income School

Alexa Rank #28,139

I’ve been an avid follower of Income School for a while now.

Income School is run by Jim and Ricky.  It’s all about showing others how to create niche sites to get organic SEO traffic from Google.

In fact, Jim and Ricky made a course to launch your own niche site in just 60 days called Project 24.


From what I hear, Project 24 is a pretty epic course even though I haven’t personally gone through it myself.

My favorite place to get their fresh content is actually over on YouTube.  Feel free to check out Income School’s YouTube Channel here.

Blog #6: CopyHackers


Alexa Rank #49,637

CopyHackers is a blog that primarily focuses on copywriting as the name suggests.

Now, you might think that copywriting doesn’t have a huge effect if you’re just writing a blog post.  However, you’d be wrong.

Copywriting actually plays a large role in getting a visitor hooked in the intro, interested throughout the post, and an enticing call-to-action at the end.

The more you focus on copywriting within your posts, the more you’ll start to see your conversions and sales go up.

Here’s some of my favorite posts:

Blog #7: David Sandy Official

David Sandy Official Logo

Alexa Rank #666,239

Rounding of this list of the best digital marketing blogs wouldn’t be complete of course without my own blog.🙂

My focus is similar to the other blogs listed, as I’m primarily focusing on SEO and blogging.

As I stated before, I’ve been modeling the blogs listed above to be able to have a proven SEO template that works. 

David SandyWhatever niche you’re in, it pays to do a little bit of research into your competitors and see what’s already been working for them.

Best Digital Marketing Blogs Final Thoughts

Hopefully you found this list of what I consider to be the best digital marketing blogs to be useful as you move forward.

By taking a look at others in your space, you’ll have something to model for your own blog that you know works.

Do you have a blog that you think should be featured in this list?😉

Leave a comment below and check out more suggested posts that I think you’ll enjoy.

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