101 Best WordPress Plugins: The EPIC Guide [Ranked By Niche]

So you’re interested in the best WordPress plugins on the market, is that right? 

Well, you’re in luck because I’ve painstakingly spent hours upon hours crafting both the downloadable table (link below to download) and this post for your benefit. 

Now, how should you use this EPIC guide? A few things:

  1. First, select your favorite 20 plugins (rule-of-thumb, just don’t increase your site load time too much – check out Google PageSpeed Insights for testing purposes)
  2. Second, Start creating valuable content on your blog utilizing these plugins
  3. Third, Stick with ’em (don’t waste your time reading more articles on WordPress plugins and tools – there’s 101 listed here so you don’t have to)

Awesome, let’s jump on in!

Do you want to download the table of the 101 best WordPress plugins as your own?

Plugin NameNiche/CategoryOverall RankingNiche Ranking
Slack ChatBusiness18B.2
Really Simple SSLBusiness19B.3
WP LegalPagesBusiness36B.5
Google Maps BuilderBusiness61B.6
Akismet Anti-SpamBusiness62B.7
Really Simple Click To Call BarBusiness68B.9
Insert Headers and FootersBusiness69B10
SiteOrigin Page BuilderDesign16D.2
SiteOrigin CSSDesign37D.4
The Visual EditorDesign59D.5
Thrive ArchitectDesign60D.6
Beaver BuilderDesign63D.7
Divi BuilderDesign64D.8
Visual ComposerDesign70D.9
MotoPress Page BuilderDesign71D10
Thrive LeadsDigital Marketers2DM.1
Thrive CommentsDigital Marketers3DM.2
HotjarDigital Marketers13DM.3
PixelYourSiteDigital Marketers14DM.4
Social WarfareDigital Marketers15DM.5
WP ChatbotDigital Marketers34DM.6
Autoptimize Digital Marketers38DM.7
TablePressDigital Marketers39DM.8
W3 Total CacheDigital Marketers40DM.9
Duplicate PostDigital Marketers65DM10
Google Analytics DashboardDigital Marketers66DM11
WooCommerce ECommerce 10Ecom.1
Easy Digital Downloads ECommerce 11Ecom.2
Cart66 Cloud ECommerce 41Ecom.3
WP eCommerce ECommerce 42Ecom.4
Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart ECommerce 57Ecom.5
Jigoshop eCommerce ECommerce 58Ecom.6
WP EasyCart ECommerce 72Ecom.7
BigCommerce ECommerce 73Ecom.8
WP Shopify ECommerce 74Ecom.9
iThemes Exchange ECommerce 75Ecom10
SoundCloud MasterMusicians12M.1
Spotify MasterMusicians43M.3
Music StoreMusicians55M.4
Audio AlbumMusicians56M.5
Seriously Simple PodcastingMusicians94M.7
Simple Music WidgetMusicians95M.8
Restrict User AccessMembership33Mem.4
WishList MemberMembership93Mem.9
Zippy CoursesMembership101Mem10
WP Media TaggerPhotographers31P.3
Easy WatermarkPhotographers45P.4
Lazy LoadPhotographers79P.6
Custom Feeds for InstagramPhotographers89P.8
Pinterest Pin It ButtonPhotographers90P.9
TweetThis ShortcodePhotographers91P10
All In One SEO PackSEO6SEO.2
Google XML SitemapsSEO7SEO.3
Broken Link CheckerSEO29SEO.4
Google Analytics by MonsterInsights SEO30SEO.5
All In One WP Security & FirewallSEO47SEO.6
WPtouch Mobile PluginSEO48SEO.7
Seo Optimized ImagesSEO82SEO.9
Editorial CalendarWriters23W.1
Revive Old PostsWriters24W.2
WordPress to BufferWriters26W.3
NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-PosterWriters53W.6
Nimble PortfolioWriters88W10
FreemiusWeb Developers25WD.1
Debug BarWeb Developers27WD.2
Health CheckWeb Developers28WD.3
Theme CheckWeb Developers51WD.4
UpdraftPlusWeb Developers52WD.5
Wordfence SecurityWeb Developers86WD.6
User SwitchingWeb Developers87WD.7
Regenerate ThumbnailsWeb Developers96WD.8
WP ResetWeb Developers97WD.9
Password ProtectedWeb Developers100WD10
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101 Best WordPress Plugins

  1. Yoast
  2. All In One SEO Pack
  3. Google XML Sitemaps
  4. Broken Link Checker
  5. Google Analytics for WordPress
  6. All In One WP Security and Firewall
  7. WP Touch
  8. YARPP
  9. SEO Optimized Images
  10. Schema
  11. Elementor
  12. SiteOrigin Page Builder
  13. ShortPixel
  14. SiteOrigin CSS
  15. The Visual Editor
  16. Thrive Architect
  17. Beaver Builder
  18. Divi Builder
  19. Visual Composer
  20. MotoPress Page Builder
  21. MonsterInsights
  22. Slack Chat
  23. Really Simple SSL
  24. BackupBuddy
  25. WP Legal Pages
  26. Google Maps Builder
  27. Akismet Anti-Spam
  28. BirchPress
  29. Really Simple Click To Call Bar
  30. Insert Headers and Footers
  31. Thrive Leads
  32. Thrive Comments
  33. Hotjar
  34. PixelYourSite
  35. Social Warfare
  36. WP Chatbot
  37. Autoptimize
  38. TablePress
  39. W3 Total Cache
  40. Duplicate Post
  41. Google Analytics Dashboard
  42. WooCommerce
  43. Easy Digital Downloads
  44. Cart66 Cloud
  45. WP Ecommerce
  46. Ecwid Shopping Cart
  47. Jigoshop Ecommerce
  48. WP EasyCart
  49. BigCommerce
  50. WP Shopify
  51. iThemes Exchange
  52. MemberPress
  53. LearnDash
  54. Teachable
  55. Restrict User Access
  56. ARMember
  57. S2 Member
  58. MemberMouse
  59. MagicMembers
  60. Wishlist Member
  61. Zippy Courses
  62. SoundCloud Master
  63. GigPress
  64. Spotify Master
  65. Music Store
  66. Audio Album
  67. Soundy
  68. Seriously Simple Podcasting
  69. Simple Music Widget
  70. Cue
  71. Billboard
  72. Soliloquy
  73. Storyform
  74. WP Media Tagger
  75. Easy Watermark
  76. Imsanity
  77. Lazy Load
  78. PickPlugins
  79. Custom Feeds for Instagram
  80. Pinterest Pin It Button
  81. TweetThis Shortcode
  82. Freemius
  83. Debug Bar
  84. Health Check
  85. Theme Check
  86. UpdraftPlus
  87. Wordfence Security
  88. User Switching
  89. Regenerate Thumbnails
  90. WP Reset
  91. PasswordProtected
  92. Editorial Calendar
  93. Revive Old Posts
  94. WP to Buffer
  95. ImageInject
  96. Sucuri Scanner
  97. Nextscripts: Social Networks Autoposter
  98. Pods
  99. UpdraftPlus
  100. CommentLuv
  101. Nimble Portfolio

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

SEO #1: Yoast SEO

It doesn't get any better than Yoast SEO if you want your site to rank in Google. With over 5 million active downloads, you need this plugin to simplify your SEO duties.
SEO #1

SEO #2: All In One SEO Pack

It's the original WordPress SEO plugin... downloaded over 50,000,000 times.
SEO #2

SEO #3: Google XML Sitemaps

Get your site crawled by robots! Otherwise, you won't be showing up in the search results😥. So, what are you waiting for?
SEO #3

SEO #4: Broken Link Checker

Oh no! It's possible you have broken links on your site! I don't want that to be the case. Get the plugin so you can make sure everything is in working order.
SEO #4

SEO #5: Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics is by far the best way to gather data on your site and optimize. MonsterInsights does a great job of integrating it in WordPress. I highly recommend it!
SEO #5

SEO #6: All In One WP Security & Firewall

The security of your site is VERY important. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than All In One WP Security & Firewall in my opinion.
SEO #6

SEO #7: WPtouch

WPtouch is a pretty cool plugin that allows you to easily create a mobile version of your site. It's completely customizable and extremely user-friendly.
SEO #7

SEO #8: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

You can display custom post types and pages. Now you can focus on delivering relevant content to your readers.
SEO #8

SEO #9: Seo Optimized Images

So about those pesky Title and Alt tags for your images. No one likes filling those in. What's good? This plugin can do it for you automatically!
SEO #9

SEO #10: Schema Pro

Schema markup for your posts is super important but can be tricky to implement. This plugin does it beautifully.
SEO #10

Best WordPress Plugins for Design

Design #1: Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is what I use for my site and I can't recommend it highly enough! It's fast, elegant, and amazingly user-friendly!
Design #1

Design #2: SiteOrigin Page Builder

This is a page builder that is drag and drop, integrates with any theme, and includes live editing. Truly, SiteOrigin ranks right up there.
Design #2

Design #3: ShortPixel

I currently use ShortPixel to speed up my site tremendously by automatically compressing and optimizing all my images. It's hands-down the best at doing it!
Design #3

Design #4: SiteOrigin CSS

SiteOrigin CSS allows you to get down and dirty into the CSS code of your website. The cool part: it's actually a visual site editor in real time.
Design #4

Design #5: The Visual Editor

You can create sweet posts, pages, audio clips, videos, etc. all visually editable.
Design #5

Design #6: Thrive Architect

This page builder is truly impressive. You can literally turn your ideas into a visually enhanced site that's simply beautiful and engaging. It's pretty sweet!
Design #6

Design #7: Beaver Builder

Over 1,000,000 websites have been built with Beaver Builder. It's got front-end editing, WooCommerce support, optimized for SEO, and so much more!
Design #7

Design #8: Divi Builder

It's probably one of the most popular builder and theme out there so you really can't go wrong with it. Having true visual editing along with custom CSS control makes it simply awesome!
Design #8

Design #9: Visual Composer

Create layouts for your site that sell more. From templates to extensions, Visual Composer has you covered!
Design #9

Design #10: MotoPress

You can use MotoPress with any theme out there to build your website. It's a quick and fun way to build a rock solid site.
Design #10

Best WordPress Plugins for Business

Business #1: MonsterInsights

Getting the stats on your website can make all the difference in making more sales. Currently, over 2 million WordPress sites use MonsterInsights to see how users find and interact with their websites. You should too!
Business #1

Business #2: Slack Chat

Slack Chat is a chat plugin for your site. It allows you to do live chat that gets sent straight to your Slack app for mobile notifications.
Business #2

Business #3:
Really Simple SSL

This is just what it sounds like. You get SSL setup for your site if you don't have it yet in a really simple way.
Business #3

Business #4: BackupBuddy

This is the original WordPress backup plugin. Currently, it's protecting over half a million WordPress sites from hackers, deleted files, and server crashes.
Business #4

Business #5:
WP Legal Pages

WP Legal Pages is great way to easily get the legal pages for your site in just one click!
Business #5

Business #6: Google Maps Builder

This one's pretty sweet if you want to display maps on your site. You can customize the maps with a live preview. Plus, you get geolocation, store locator, unlimited markers, and tons more!
Business #6

Business #7: Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet is all about ensuring your site is spam free. It automatically checks the comments on your posts to ensure your site isn't publishing any malicious content. Pretty important stuff!
Business #7

Business #8: BirchPress

BirchPress makes appointment booking easy. You can embed a booking form on a page or a post with shortcode. It's also cool because you can get email notifications whenever someone books an appiontment automatically.
Business #8

Business #9: Really Simple Click To Call Bar

If you've ever wanted an easy way for people to call you from your site this is the plugin to get. It allows you to create a simple click to call bar that's completely customizable. Awesomeness!
Business #9

Business #10: Insert Headers and Footers

This is a great plugin if you want to add in code for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and the like.
Business #10

Best WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketers

If you haven’t seen my in-depth review of my favorite digital marketing plugins for WordPress, then you should definitely check it out as well!

Digital Marketers #1: Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is what I currently use for email marketing on my website. It's super intuitive, and I absolutely love the fact that it's just a one-time fee instead of monthly. You can check out all the different options by clicking below!
Digital M. #1

Digital Marketers #2: Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments is hands-down the best comments plugin for WordPress! I currently use it on my site and when you integrate it with Thrive Leads you can start to build your email list even further! Truly, I can't express enough how valuable it is to focus on building your list - one of the few things that you OWN.
Digital M. #2

Digital Marketers #3: Hotjar

Used by Adobe, Shopify, SurveyMonkey to name a few. Hotjar is probably the best out there when it comes to getting a visual feel for how users interact with your site with heatmaps. Plus, it's super easy to setup!
Digital M. #3

Digital Marketers #4: PixelYourSite

This is a super easy way to install all of those analytics and pixel codes for your site. I use it,so you should too! 😄😜
Digital M. #4

Digital Marketers #5: Social Warfare

It's got over 1,000,000 downloads and is by far one of the best social sharing plugins you can get for your site!
Digital M. #5

Digital Marketers #6: WP Chatbot

WP Chatbot is really cool because it adds an FB messenger chat widget on your site that users can interact with live. You can even get your Manychat bot setup with it and get subscribers on autopilot!
Digital M. #6

Digital Marketers #7: Autoptimize

This plugin is definitely what you need if you want a quick and efficient way to decrease your page load time and increase your site speed.
Digital M. #7

Digital Marketers #8: TablePress

I actually used this plugin to create the EPIC table at the beginning of this post. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a way to put data on your site in a table format.
Digital M. #8

Digital Marketers #9: W3 Total Cache

Ensuring you are getting the cache for your website to be optimized is critical. It can mean the difference of someone viewing your site or clicking away before it's even loaded.
Digital M. #9

Digital Marketers #10: Duplicate Post

Duplicate post is the best way to start a new post on your blog. Simply clone your previous post with one click and get started writing a new one!
Digital M. #10

Digital Marketers #11: Google Analytics Dashboard

Now you can get your Google Analytics installed on your site and have it be fully customizable. Check out the details below!
Digital M. #11

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce

Ecommerce #1: WooCommerce

Their claim to fame: build exactly the eCommerce website you want!
Ecommerce #1

Ecommerce #2: Easy Digital Downloads

This is an amazing plugin that allows you to easily sell your digital products with built-in payment gateways.
Ecommerce #2

Ecommerce #3: Cart66 Cloud

Cart66 Cloud has a completely built-in recurring billing engine and support for over 100 payment gateways. It's a great way to ensure you can store and deliver all of your digital products on a recurring basis.
Ecommerce #3

Ecommerce #4: WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is similar to WooCommerce. You're able to sell your digital downloads as well as physical inventory in a hassle-free way.
Ecommerce #4

Ecommerce #5: Ecwid Shopping Cart

If you're looking to add an online store to your site, Ecwid is a fantastic plugin for the job. You can even integrate it to sell on Facebook and Instagram!
Ecommerce #5

Ecommerce #6: Jigoshop eCommerce

Jigoshop is cool because you get detailed stats in a custom dashboard for how well your store is doing. They also allow you to have an add to cart button to link to external affiliate products. 😃
Ecommerce #6

Ecommerce #7: WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart works with every theme out there by creating a page for the store, cart, and account. You can customize it however you like and you're ready to start selling your products online.
Ecommerce #7

Ecommerce #8: BigCommerce

BigCommerce focuses scaling your business by allowing you to free up server resources from payments and fulfillment by having the plugin do the work on the back-end.
Ecommerce #8

Ecommerce #9: WP Shopify

This plugin works by using WordPress on the front-end and syncing Shopify on the back-end. You can sell your products using default pages that are made to work with the plugin or simply paste the shortcode in the desired place.
Ecommerce #9

Ecommerce #10: iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange is a simple plugin that adds SKU support to all of your product types.
Ecommerce #10

Best WordPress Plugins for Membership

Membership #1: MemberPress

MemberPress is all about getting your site setup to handle credit cards securely, selling digital products, and controlling who sees the content you create. It integrates with Stripe, WooDommerce, ActiveCampaign and many more all inclusive with the price you pay.
Membership #1

Membership #2: LearnDash

Are you selling courses online? Well, LearnDash is an exceptional plugin to get the job done for your site to make selling courses easier than its ever been before.
Membership #2

Membership #3: Teachable

Teachable is an all-in-one platform that allows you to quickly get your course out there to the world. With over 18 Million students currently learning through Teachable, I'd say it's definitely worth looking into for course creation.
Membership #3

Membership #4: Restrict User Access

Restricting content for certain users is at times needed on your site. It's a super quick way to create membership areas and you're able to have an unlimited number of access levels.
Membership #4

Membership #5: ARMember

ARMember is a free plugin that helps you build a fully functional membership site. It has tons of free features and includes a built in form builder.
Membership #5

Membership #6: S2Member

S2Member is a great membership plugin that's powered almost entirely by shortcodes. This makes it really easy for integrations.
Membership #6

Membership #7: Member Mouse

From a protected member's area to reporting and analytics, Member Mouse has everything you need to run your business online.
Membership #7

Membership #8: MagicMembers

MagicMembers has over 85,000 sites using its plugin. It includes payment integrations, download manager, autoresponder integrations, and so much more!
Membership #8

Membership #9: WishList Member

This one's an addon for WP Courseware that helps you to create a fully automated Learning Management System to sell your courses online.
Membership #9

Membership #10: Zippy Courses

Built by course creators for course creators, Zippy Courses is an amazing all-in-one tool for selling your online courses.
Membership #10

Best WordPress Plugins for Musicians

Musicians #1: SoundCloud Master

SoundCloud Master essentially integrates the SoundCloud music platform with your site. You can play single tracks or full music sets directly on your site.
Musicians #1

Musicians #2: GigPress

GigPress is all about giving your viewers a live performance listing for upcoming gigs. The best part is that you can manage everything from withing the WordPress admin dashboard.
Musicians #2

Musicians #3: Spotify Master

Quickly and simply integrate Spotify soundtracks to play on your website.
Musicians #3

Musicians #4: Music Store

Now you can setup your own music store on your site. This plugin allows you to sell audio files via Paypal.
Musicians #4

Musicians #5:
Audio Album

This plugin lets you group a set of audio files as a single block to be formatted as an album. It works simply by using shortcodes.
Musicians #5

Musicians #6: Soundy

Soundy is a pretty cool plugin that automatically plays music in the background when a visitor is on a certain page.
Musicians #6

Musicians #7: Seriously Simple Podcasting

If you're into podcasting, you need Seriously Simple Podcasting.
Musicians #7

Musicians #8: Simple Music Widget

Simple Music Widget is just that, a simple widget that displays a music player with the artist's name, song, and a cover image.
Musicians #8

Musicians #9: Cue

Cue allows you to upload your audio files and create a playlist. It automatically completes the title, artist, and track length.
Musicians #9

Musicians #10: Billboard

This plugin simply lists the top iTunes charts of your choosing as a widget.
Musicians #10

Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Photographers #1: Soliloquy

Soliloquy is truly one of the best responsive WordPress slider plugins. This is perfect to show off those amazing photos in your collection.
Photo. #1

Photographers #2: Storyform

Storyform let's you have a full-screen magazine layout for certain posts. This works great for long-form content!
Photo. #2

Photographers #3: WP MediaTagger

If you find yourself creating tags a lot, then WP MediaTagger will help with creating tags all in one place.
Photo. #3