Top 11 Affiliate Programs For New Bloggers 2022

Blogging is a long road to success as you write blog posts and wait for them to rank in Google.  As a new blogger, it’s important to start looking into what affiliate programs you should be promoting.

In order to get a true list of the top affiliate programs for new bloggers, I decided to ask successful bloggers what they recommend to be the best affiliate programs. 

Let’s dive right in!

best affiliate programs for new bloggers

Top 11 Affiliate Programs For New Bloggers

1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

“In my opinion, Amazon’s affiliate program is a great place for new bloggers to start with. Joining is free, and it’s open to everyone. 

Although the commission you can get may not be as great in comparison to others, it offers more benefits than its competitors.

The commission rate of Amazon’s affiliate is up to 10% for items like video game consoles and luxurious beauty products. However, some items can as low as 1%. 

Nevertheless, this outweighs the advantages, including offering you unlimited product options, along with other aspects like shipping time, built quality, and pricing.

And of course, Amazon is the leading e-commerce across the globe, selling every product imaginable. That means that whatever product you want to offer or whatever your niche is, you’ll find it in Amazon. 

The company itself has millions of offerings you can check out. So with that much variety, you won’t have any problem finding a product suitable for your target audience.”

– Kate Diaz

“Amazon is great for any physical product. While the commission rate is low (ranging from 1% to 10%), it’s easy to convert. The cookie time is only 24 hours. 

However, if they add it in their basket – you can have a cookie time up to 90 days. Amazon has the largest amount of products, and it’s a brand everybody knows, so all you have to do is link to the products that you think your audience will find relevant, and Amazon will take care of the rest.”

– Johannes Larsson

“Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs out there for two simple reasons: they have every product you can ever think of and they are already one of the most trusted brands out there.

For bloggers who want to become affiliates that means two things: no matter what you blog about, there is a 99% chance that you will find something relevant on Amazon to promote and you have a bigger chance of making a sale because your readers already trust Amazon as an online shopping retailer.

While Amazon doesn’t offer a crazy high commission, they offer a commission for any and every product bought through your link (even if you didn’t directly link to it). That means if someone goes to Amazon through your link and fill up their basket with $100 worth of goodies, you get a cut of that entire sale, even if that person didn’t end up buying the product you initially linked to.

The commission is not true to every product, in my case, gadgets have fixed 4% commission. The cookie is just 24 hours. However, if you create a special link that automatically adds the product to someone’s Amazon cart when they go through your affiliate link, Amazon will lengthen your cookie to 90 days! (If they buy in 90 days, you still get the commission).”

– Kenny Trinh

2. Quillbot Affiliate Program

“QuillBot is a young EdTech company with a mission to make writing painless, and in a recent survey, ~60% of participants said that QuillBot helped them write at least 50-75% faster!

For monthly, semi-annual, and annual memberships, the commission is 10%, 15%, and 20%, respectively.  Payments are done via Paypal.  The cookie duration is 30 days.

For bloggers and those with networks spanning educators, parents, students of any kind, writers/bloggers/journalists/authors, etc., I highly recommend the QuillBot Affiliate program.

QuillBot hosts state-of-the-art writing tools that help fight writer’s block and boost creativity and clarity, while saving time on doing research and crafting the perfect words for any purpose.

Anyone who’s writing could use these tools to spend less time crafting higher quality written content. It’s an easy sell, which is why it works so well for new bloggers.

QuillBot’s two main tools include a state-of-the-art paraphraser, which functions as a whole-sentence thesaurus. The Premium service allows you to see your text input and compare it with several different output options. 

Other helpful functions include being able to lock sentences you like, click on words and view other context-dependent word choices, and you’re also able to change the Word Flipper setting to find even more options. English language learners find that the paraphraser helps increase fluidity in both their writing and speaking skills because they are able to see words and phrases in context. 

The summarizer tool is great for research because it can digest large amounts of info and give you bullet points as the output. Bloggers also find this tool useful when they write a rambling article and want to find a different angle to better hone the article.”

– Emily Perry, PhD

3. Apollo Scooters – Electric Scooters Affiliate Program

Recommended affiliate program for new bloggers in the micro-mobility industry: Apollo Scooters – Electric Scooters

The commission percentage for affiliates is 6% and the cookie duration is 30 days.

“Apollo Scooters is quickly establishing itself as a major brand in the electric scooter industry.

With heaps of great publicity and solid user reviews in a growing market, they’re amongst the best you can find. I love working with Apollo Scooters as an affiliate because their communication is great and they care about establishing healthy relationships with their promoters.

Payouts are regular and on time with both Paypal and wire transfers supported and they’re always happy to cater to your specific needs.

Whereas most other affiliate programs in micro-mobility have a commission percentage in the 3-5% range, Apollo Scooters offers 6% and a very fair cookie duration better than most.

Their excellent products and market-leading 24-month product warranty is another reason to promote them and their website is both swift to use and highly conversion-rate optimized. 

I am promoting the Apollo Scooters affiliate program through my micro-mobility website ERideHero and through video reviews on our YouTube channel.”

– Paul Strobel

4. Bluehost Affiliate Program

The commission  for each affiliate sale is $65.  The cookie duration for Bluehost is 90 days.

“Bluehost is a stable and quality host that’s also very affordable.

It’s also very easy to promote Bluehost because they’re a household name in the blogging industry. Even total newbies have heard of them.

The combination of affordability and brand trust make Bluehost affiliate program a great choice for newbie affiliate marketers.”

– Nikola Rosa

5. Siteground Affiliate Program

The commission payout for Siteground affiliates is:

  • 1-5 sales per month at $50 per sale
  • 6-10 sales per month at $75 per sale
  • 11-20 sales per month at $100 per sale
  • 21+ sales per month at custom commissions

The cookie duration for Siteground affiliate program for new bloggers is 90 days.

“Siteground are a premium hosting provider that’s also reasonably priced.

They are a high quality host, but also affordable and easy to promote to potential buyers who have a bit of a budget to spend and are looking for quality hosting.

Also, similar to Bluehost, Siteground are a household name and a trusted brand in the hosting industry and they’re still growing rapidly.So plenty of opportunity there.

– Nikola Rosa

6. Fusebox Player Affiliate Program

The commission percentage  for each affiliate sale is 30%.  The cookie duration for Fusebox Player is 90 days.

Here are the main reasons why Fusebox player is a great affiliate program for new bloggers:

  1. “Fusebox is the best podcasting plugin for WordPress sites and it’s easy to promote it.”
  2. “Podcasting is exploding and more and more people are getting into it.”
  3. “Fusebox still doesn’t have that many affiliates. Which means it’s a less competitive space where even a newbie marketer can easily penetrate and rank for some money terms.”

– Nikola Rosa

7. Skyscanner Affiliate Program For Travel Bloggers

Skyscanners pays out a 50% commission and has a 30-day cookie time.

“Skyscanner is a really good service, probably the best search engine for flights, so you’ll actually be helping out your visitors. 

I have successfully promoted them on one of my travel blogs. Despite a low commission, it’s super easy to convert (if you’re targeting the right audience).”

– Johannes Larsson

8. Wix Affiliate Program For Technology Bloggers

Wix offers a $100 payout for each customer with a 30 day cookie.

“Wix offers one of the easiest ways to create a website. 

You can easily promote Wix to beginners who don’t want all the hassle of setting up a website. 

I’m promoting Wix in one of my articles about best web hosting and they have a decent conversion rate. I recommend this affiliate program for tech bloggers who are creating articles around making websites.”

– Johannes Larsson

9. Skimlinks Affiliate Program

Skimlinks pays out affiliate commissions with a cookie duration that varies by vendor.

“Skimlinks is a good affiliate program for new bloggers because you can get affiliate links from various vendors to promote on your blog.

It is not as exclusive as which requires a referral from a current member.”

– Alex Tran

10. Click A Tree Affiliate Program

Click A Tree pays out a 10% affiliate commission percentage on all sales with a 30 day cookie.

“The best affiliate program for new bloggers it the Click A Tree affiliate partner program. It’s the first affiliate program for mass tree plantings, and it pays you for helping make our planet a better place for all its inhabitants.

Specifically, you receive 10% of all revenue you generate in tree sales.

All tree-planting projects are holistically sustainable, meaning only full-time workers are employed, no volunteers. That allows local communities to earn a fair full-time income for all the hard work they’re doing.

Hence by promoting tree-planting you fight climate change, create habitat for endangered animal species and jobs for local communities. Three good deeds in one – and then you’re even getting paid for that! How good is that?

I can’t think of a better affiliate program for new bloggers.

– Chis Kaiser

11. CJ Affiliates Affiliate Program

The CJ affiliate commission percentage varies by company.  You can apply to hundreds of companies once you sign up for a CJ affiliate account.  The cookie duration is 7 days.

“I think CJ is a great affiliate program for new bloggers because it has so many different participating companies that they will be able to find affiliates for their site no matter the niche.

It also has broad retailers such as Walmart and others that sell many different items so they can choose a broad affiliate if they sell multiple product types on their site and don’t want to apply to a new company to promote each individual product.

– Stacy Caprio

Special Thanks To The Following Post Contributors On Affiliate Programs For New Bloggers

Emily Perry is a hard science PhD, entrepreneur, and over-all edtech fan. She works as a Business Development Specialist at QuillBot and is extremely proud to be a part of the democratization of education through high quality, online edtech tools. When she’s not working on the QuillBot blog, she’s rollerblading with her dog and probably looking for ice cream.

Thanks to Emily Perry, PhD, Quillbot!

Paul Strobel is a micro-mobility influencer with a background as
a mechanical engineer who reviews electric rideables on his affiliate
website ERideHero.

Thanks to Paul Strobel, ERideHero!

Kate Diaz is an interior designer and owner/writer for, a home DIY, decor, and how-to website.

Thanks to Kate Diaz, Swankyden!

Nikola Rosa blogs about affiliate marketing and SEO and how to combine the two to become successful online. If you want to become a full-time affiliate marketer, make sure you heed his sage advice. Or don’t and regret it later. 🙂

Thanks to Nikola Rosa!

Johannes Larsson is a Swedish, 28-year-old online entrepreneur that has been running online businesses for more than a decade, and loves everything about online marketing. Today, Johannes is running his business from Cyprus (where he also lives), focusing on projects related to affiliate marketing and social media. Our main project is a financial comparison website active in 26 markets, with a strong intrapreneurial team of 45 people behind it.

Thanks to Johannes Larsson!

Alex is the owner and blogger at Schimiggy Reviews. She loves working out and reviewing activewear on her blog.

Thanks to Alex Tran, Schimiggy!

Chris Kaiser is the founder and CEO of Click A Tree. He has worked and lived on 5 continents to date. His last stint in Thailand, living and working in close contact with elephants, drove him to develop Click A Tree, a company that helps individuals plant trees and fight climate change from the comfort of their screens.

Thanks to Chris Kaiser, Click A Tree!

Kenny Trinh is the founder & CEO of a 2-year-old media startup Netbooknews. He’s been blogging for almost 3 years now.

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Thanks to Stacy Caprio, AcneScar!

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