Is Digital Marketing Saturated? [Beat The Competition]

Is it really true: Is digital marketing saturated?

Landing a job as a digital marketer is the dream of many would-be entrepreneurs. However, there always seems to be a concern about career saturation.

What happens if you leave your job, and digital marketing is already loaded with workers? The good news is that there’s always room for growth.

is digital marketing saturated

Digital marketing is not saturated because it’s an ever-expanding career field. Companies need to market their products and services, which is why digital marketers have career opportunities. To beat the competition, you should start your own business, keep up with trends, and build your network.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn the following information about digital marketing:

  • How to always stay ahead of the curve
  • Different ways to create new career opportunities
  • What you need to know in order to succeed as a digital marketer

Ready?  Let’s dive right in. 😀

Is Digital Marketing Saturated? Here Are 8 Ways To Beat The Competition

1. Choose Open Fields

Quick Sprout points out that there are countless digital marketing career paths to try.

If you’re worried about saturation in the industry, then this fact should bring you a bit of peace.

But which path is the best for you?

Which fields will stay unsaturated and hiring for the foreseeable future?

Let’s explore a few digital marketing jobs that you can start tomorrow:

  • Email Marketer: If you decide to follow this career path, you’ll send emails to convert readers into buying customers.
  • SEO Analyst: Keep companies updated with the latest search engine optimization trends from Google, Bing, and other major search engines.
  • Local Digital Marketer: Reach out to local businesses in your town to market their products and services on social media, websites, email lists, and more.

2. Start Your Own Freelance Business

Another excellent option is to start your own digital marketing business.

Clients will eventually come to you, granted you have to do a bit of groundwork to get their attention.

Nonetheless, creating a business can get your foot in the door of digital marketing. If you’re able to keep clients satisfied, they’ll keep coming back.

Doing a digital marketing business doesn’t require college degrees or prior experience in the field, although both are beneficial.

Try freelancing websites to start building clients, learning new skills in the field, and so.

You can bring them with you when you decide to start your own business on a different platform.

Note: You can do your own digital marketing business by working with local small businesses, as mentioned above. Amassing a collection of positive reviews and high-quality results will prove beneficial.

3. Follow the Market Trends

According to Simplilearn, digital marketing is always changing

If you want to keep up with the competition or beat them, you must always be ahead of them. Market trends are fairly obvious when they start showing up. 

Unfortunately, it might be too late to take action if they’re evident around every corner.

For example, popular products and desired services won’t have much success if everyone’s offering them already. 

You can keep your clients informed when new hashtags and local news teams start to catch wind of the topics. Social media is often the driving force behind new market trends, so let’s discuss how you can take action in the next section.

4. Master All Social Media Platforms

Social media is the king of digital marketing trends.

 Almost nothing gets popular these days without making its way onto Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Whether you’re well-versed on each platform or you’ve never used them, it’s time to learn how they work.

The golden rule of social media trends is to look for relevant hashtags. 

Anything that’s gaining attention will have a hashtag about it. Keep an eye on the explore pages to see what people are talking about.

Remember that trends are limited; They’re only going to be popular for a few months or years, in most cases. As long as you’re on top of them, you can turn great results for your clients.

5. Build Your Network

Building a network is everything in the digital marketing field. Even if you don’t have your own business, you’re the only one who’ll look after yourself online. 

Work with repeat customers, listen to their feedback, and customize your efforts with each individual. If you have a blanket copy-paste format or method of dealing with clients, you’ll fall flat.

Always do your best to meet new clients on different freelancing platforms. There are dozens on the internet, so you’ll gain quite a few trusted clients within a year or so.

Also, don’t forget the importance, as mentioned earlier, of local digital marketing opportunities. They’re often the best chance to start your digital marketing career. 

You’ll be able to link to the work you’ve done for them to potential clients. Many small businesses don’t even know that they can benefit from digital marketing. It’s up to you to show them the possibilities!

6. Always Earn More Clients

Repeat clients are often the heartbeat that keeps your digital marketing career afloat. They spread the word for you and keep coming back for more content. 

However, nothing can outshine the importance of reaching out to new clients. 

Even if you’re comfortable with your career, higher-paying opportunities might be right around the corner.

Digital Marketing Institute suggests that you can switch your field whenever you’d like.  There are plenty of in-demand digital marketing jobs; Why not take advantage of two or three fields rather than limiting yourself to one?

Try working with one group of clients for email marketing and another for SEO analyzing. If you’re able to keep both parties satisfied, you’ll have multiple clients without wearing yourself out from performing the same tasks every day.

7. Automate Your Work

If you want to take your business to the next level, automation is essential. You have to delegate tasks to different employees, such as responding to emails from repeat clients, talking to new potential clients, and maintaining your social media profiles to keep yourself relevant.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to fork out thousands of dollars to automate your work, most tasks that can be automated often require only a couple of hours per day. 

If you’re paying someone $20/hour, you’ll only end up spending about $40/day. For the profit of gaining repeat customers and new clients, this trade-off is a no-brainer.

Automation grants you the ability to beat the competition because you’ll always produce more work, better results, and quicker turnover rates.

8. Contact Marketing Companies

Remember that you don’t even need to make your own business to succeed as a digital marketer. 

If you have a college degree or a bit of experience in the industry, you can apply to digital marketing companies. They do the work described throughout this article, but on a much larger scale.

Many new digital marketers prefer this route for job security, reliable pay, and less work. 

Keep in mind that there will always be a pay cap when you’re working for someone else. When you own your own business, the only pay cap is how much money you can make from a multitude of customers.

Final Thoughts: Is Digital Marketing Saturated?

Digital marketing is far from saturated. Don’t let fear keep you from trying this thriving industry. As long as you’re willing to put in hard work, you’ll see results.

Here’s a quick recap of the post:

  • There are plenty of different digital marketing fields to try.
  • Starting your own digital marketing business is an excellent way to beat the competition.
  • Always look for new clients, repeat customers, and build your network.
  • Consider automating your emails and small tasks.

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