Is Digital Marketing A Good Career? [8 Key Benefits]

Digital marketing is a powerful way to gain traction online and start to make an income. But it’s important to ask the question, is digital marketing a good career? 

Digital marketing is a good career to pursue to become a full-time income for you when treating it as a business.  The income potential for affiliate marketing is practically limitless and only limited by the audience size you can grow within your niche.

is digital marketing a good career

Now, you may be wondering…

  • How long does it take to earn a full-time income with a digital marketing career?
  • What are some statistics to know about pursuing a digital marketing career?
  • Related questions to is digital marketing a good career?

Ready?  Let’s dive right in! 😀

How Long Does It Take To Earn A Full-Time Income With Digital Marketing & Have It Be A Good Career?

The number one thing you need to understand before we get into the details of how long it takes to earn a full-time income and have a good digital marketing career is that it takes a consistent effort over the course of years.

Digital marketing is all about promoting products and advertising to eventually convert someone from a potential buyer to a customer.  The digital marketing field is only growing exponentially every year as more and more businesses and people come online to both sell and purchase products.

The job outlook for digital marketing careers and the demand for digital marketing professionals is expected to increase by upwards of 10% according to the Bureau Of Labor & Statistics.

One of the great ways to get started is by doing freelance digital marketing.

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In fact, the average salary for freelance digital marketers is $66,206 per year.

The amount of time it takes to reach a full-time income online with a digital marketing career varies greatly depending upon the strategy (either active or passive) and the platform you choose to use.

On average expect it to take around 2 years to earn a full-time income with a digital marketing career by building an online business.

Types Of Digital Marketing Jobs To Pursue A Digital Marketing Career

Here’s a list of the various digital marketing jobs you can do to earn money with a digital marketing career:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is all about developing a searchable brand presence online and is a highly sought after skill. You can focus on SEO for a digital marketing career and use it to target people at different points in the customer journey.
  • Social Media Marketing – Build a brand with social media as the primary focus. There are 3.5 billion daily active social media users. Tapping into this market gives a company an additional marketing channel that builds a following.
  • Content Marketing – By focusing on content marketing, you’ll become a master at creating content that’s focused on a specific target audience for a brand. You can help other companies or build your own online business using this strategy.
  • Email Marketing – Every online business should really be using email marketing to increase the number of customers and repeat customers.  There are approximately 4.2 billion global email users worldwide.
  • Mobile Marketing – An average person spends 2 hours and 52 minutes per day on their smartphone.  Additionally, 96% of Americans today own a smartphone.  Mobile marketing focuses on engaging potential customers who are using phones and tablets for email, apps, and SMS.

You can learn a specific area for your digital marketing career by taking digital marketing courses specific to what you want to learn and master.

Speaking of digital marketing courses…

Project 24 is a course that shows you from start to finish over the course of 24 months how to earn a full-time income with digital marketing while building up your online business.   

I’ve personally taken the course and can tell you that they help alleviate all the potential mistakes you may have when starting out. 

You’ll learn inside the course exactly how to start a blog, do SEO, start a Youtube Channel, and ultimately build a brand that’s recognizable and grows over time.

I’m fully confident that if you take the Project 24 course you can start an online business and be making a full-time income in approximately 24 months and have built an awesome digital marketing career.

Is Digital Marketing A Good Career? 8 Key Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Career

1. Creativity Unleashed

The biggest benefit of pursuing a digital marketing career in my mind is being able to express your creativity in the work that you do.

There isn’t a set of specific steps that can take a new brand and make it known across the various digital marketing channels. 

In order to succeed with your digital marketing career, you need to learn to balance both the art and science of the job.

Testing and tweaking new ideas to draw in and captivate an audience is an invaluable skill for digital marketing that will help you to greatly exercise your creative muscle.

2. Work From Anywhere

If you’re a digital marketer, you can find plenty of companies that allow you to work from anywhere whether that be your own home or a temporary spot.

You can also be your own boss and use the digital marketing career skills that you have to build your own online business or pursue freelance digital marketing.

Working from wherever you want is simply an appealing aspect that draws many people in to pursue a digital marketing career, especially if you’re someone who as an appetite for traveling.

3. Career Flexibility

Career flexibility for many career paths is simply not doable.

However, a digital marketing career offers the benefit of career flexibility by being able to apply your skills for a specific company, offer your digital marketing skills as a high-value service, become a freelance digital marketer, or build your own online business. 

You can even combine some of these.

4. Digital Marketing Is In-Demand

It’s no secret that current hiring trends for companies are centered around a growing demand for digital marketing skills.

A survey by Marketing Hiring Trends found that the most in-demand digital marketing skills are:

  1. Digital Advertising (45%)
  2. Content Creation And Curation (42%)
  3. Content Strategy (43%)

It’s becoming more pertinent and essential than ever for companies to hire on digital marketing professionals.  The demand is only increasing exponentially as more and more companies pursue online marketing channels to promote their businesses.

5. Get A Head Start On Your Digital Marketing Career

The cool part about pursuing a digital marketing career is that you don’t have to wait until you get a job offer to get experience.

Instead, you can build up your own social media profiles, create PPC campaigns, run a content marketing strategy, and implement various SEO strategies to build your own brand.

This gives you much needed first-hand experience as a digital marketing professional.

The digital marketing career field is ever-changing, so the more you can try and test things out on your own then the more of a benefit you’ll be to other companies and brands.

6. Agile Career Path

With a digital marketing career, you can pivot easily with minimal learning in comparison to other career paths that may not have as many transferrable skills.

Some of the digital marketing skills that have certain aspects in common are:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Search Engine Marketing

Pursuing an agile career path makes your work more enjoyable and makes it much more “fun” than actual work.

7. Get Paid More Than Similar Marketing SalariesDigital Marketing Career Salaries

There’s a very high demand for digital marketers and the salaries are consequently high.

Digital marketing careers are averaging above $70,000 for the majority of creative and marketing salaries according to Robert Half.

8. Work With Large Brands

You have the opportunity with a digital marketing career to offer your knowledge and time up as a unique service for other companies with a large brand presence.

This will inevitably grow your network both with other digital marketing professionals and other people in other professions.  

The connections that you make can be invaluable down the road for other things that you pursue.

Related Questions To Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

Now, let’s take a look at some common questions that arise when trying to become successful with digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a well-paid career field with an average salary above $70,000 for most digital marketing jobs.  More companies are moving online and paying well for the marketing jobs available.

Digital marketing is a career because companies need to hire employees that can help them grow their online brand presence by building and implementing effective digital marketing strategies.  A digital marketer should be able to bring in new customers and convert them to buyers.

Digital marketing is not a stressful job when you know what you’re doing has already gotten results in the past.  It’s true that your income can be largely tied to the results you bring which can be stressful.  However, results are easily repeatable with a proven concept and marketing strategy.

You can absolutely make money with digital marketing.  You simply need to apply your skills either as freelance digital marketing, work with other companies, or build your own online brand presence in order to make money with digital marketing.

A digital marketing career provides you with the flexibility to pivot between jobs.  The different digital marketing jobs available are search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing.

Final Thoughts On Having A Digital Marketing Career

A digital marketing career gives you tons of benefits such as:

  • Working from anywhere
  • Unleashing your creativity
  • Career flexibility
  • In-demand digital marketing skills
  • Ability to get an immediate head start on your career
  • Agile career path
  • Get paid more than other similar careers
  • Work and network with large brands

Digital marketing skills are also in very high demand.  Whether you’re going after SEO, social media marketing, or another digital marketing job, it’s important to focus on a specific skill and master it.

The digital marketing course that I recommend to everyone who is pursuing a digital marketing career is Project 24.  It will take you step-by-step learning the principles of digital marketing and apply them to building a brand online through blogging and building a YouTube channel.

If you enjoyed this post on digital marketing as a career, then leave a comment below to let me know and also check out the additional posts related to digital marketing.

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